Signature Gin – Sneak Peek πŸ‘€

Well it’s mid-April and still no JAM gin release… But! we are very very close to finally sharing release 001 with the world and here is an exclusive sneak peek!

We’ve been held back by all the standard things: Covid-19, slow postage and shipping, family life, Godzilla attacks, full-time work commitments etc.

In the background we have been finalising small tweaks to our gin recipes with some micro batches and experiments. Did you know that JAM Distilling is making our own base neutral spirit for our gin? Whilst some distilleries order this in, we are making our own – from scratch – from SA barley. This means we will have complete control over our final product flavour profile, but also means we have given ourselves loads of extra work to do (which is fun πŸ˜€).

We’re going ALL IN on our first release. It is truly going to be special. The last thing on earth we wanted to do for our first gin was to release something average. So we’ve been making sure everything is of the highest quality and purity. No corner cutting to save costs, and no sacrificing on the flavour we want to deliver. And we want to deliver a gin that encompasses everything we are passionate about.

So, here we go, the last pieces of the puzzle are coming together in the next few weeks. We trust you will love our Signature Gin.

Artfully designed by the ‘JAM Wives’ and brought to life by the JAM distillers


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