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JAM Distilling

Who are JAM Distilling?

More than anything, JAM Distilling is a result of long term friendship between 2 special families:
Johnson And Mellors.

A long term friendship between a FIFO worker and an Australian Navy sailor and their wives (and kids) have seen incredible career travel all around Australia and overseas. When the stars have aligned and the JAMily has found themselves all in one place at the same time there has consistently been one conversation that always comes up:

“We should start a distillery…”

At the heart of JAM Distilling is the idea to create premium craft spirits that captures the energy of connection and good times with family and friends, especially the moments of re-connecting after time spent away.

We aim to produce small-batch craft spirits that will proudly sit in the “share cupboard” in homes, just waiting to be brought out for a special occasion and be shared in good times with good company.

Our products
  • Small-batch craft Gin
  • Small-batch craft Whisky

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