JAM Signature Gin Release 001

‘Excited’ doesn’t come close to describing how pumped we are to announce our first release! We are beyond happy to be able to (finally) let our Signature Gin out into the world and make our entry in to the Spirits Industry.
⭐Years of dreaming about our distilling vision.
⭐Months of organising equipment and licences.
⭐Dozens of recipe tests and variations.
⭐Countless hours of work.

It’s our Signature Gin, because it encompasses everything we love in a gin. It’s been made the way that we wanted to make it: Grain to Glass.
We have used local South Australian 2-row barley to create our own base spirit to launch our citrus-forward botanicals profile, all prepared by hand. Our gin is deliberately non-chill filtered, meaning we preserve all the exciting botanical oils in the spirit, but it may turn a little cloudy when adding mixers or ice.
This small batch makes a big impression, and we’ve poured our hearts into making it.

“Small batch – Big heart”

JAM Distilling, Signature Gin

Expect brilliant bursts of citrus, complex earthy spicy notes, and a hint of floral that will mix nicely with soda water or a quality tonic.

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Introducing: Distiller Tim

From Navy sailor, to JAM Distilling Co-Founder & Co-Head Distiller.

Maybe it’s a Navy thing? But there’s some real magic in those moments when you re-connect with family and friends after spending a long time away. To get out a special bottle of whisky, wine, gin or some beers that you have been saving, pour some glasses, and spend some time catching up and sharing stories. For the average sailor, you’ll immediately pickup where you last left off with the conversation, and carry it on with as much gusto as the last time you were together. You’re enjoying more than just a drink together, its a deeper smile on your face and a real connection.

“Imagine if I could bottle this feeling?” I think to myself as I throw a few words into a google search: “how is whisky made”…

Ahoy JAM followers, allow me to introduce myself!
I am a proud South Australian, beer homebrewer, BBQ aficionado, sports enthusiast, and all round good guy. Joining the Navy straight out of High School when I was 17, I got to do all the usual Navy things: travel the world, move all around the country, countless deployments, and dream of starting a distillery.

I was always drawn into the world of flavour with beer and spirits. Wondering how certain flavours were achieved or influence each other. For years I’ve been experimenting with homebrewing different beer styles to entertain friends and neighbours (mostly with great results… not always). But, without fail, I have the patience to wait for a specific result, and the patience to fail in order to get better next time. I even grow my own hops at home to learn more about the flavours they can produce and affect beer styles.

You can probably see how all this lead to starting a distillery… That google search all those years ago seeking to know how whisky is made, eventuated in the purchase of the reliable Coopers homebrew starter kit (plug for South Australia) to get started making some beer. It wouldn’t be long before the homebrew equipment would get more serious and would eventually turn into all sorts of gin and whisky experiments – credit to JAM Co-Founder Ben and his relentless positivity.

When I get to catchup with a few particular mates and family, there are certain bottles that we simply must have. They have stories connected to them now, stories about Navy adventures and deployments, conquering tough-times together, workplace escapades, spontaneous holidays and camping trips, or simply periods of life. But in those moments of clinking glasses, we are holding a special kind of energy in our hands.
There’s real magic in those moments…

I am sure JAM Distilling will produce amazing special occasion spirits that will proudly be brought out and shared in those special moments and catchup gatherings with the greatest of company. And be a part of making something new.
It’s what we’re all about.


Co-Founder/Co-Head-Distiller Tim
Strengths: Storytelling, humour & patience.

Signature Gin – Sneak Peek 👀

Well it’s mid-April and still no JAM gin release… But! we are very very close to finally sharing release 001 with the world and here is an exclusive sneak peek!

We’ve been held back by all the standard things: Covid-19, slow postage and shipping, family life, Godzilla attacks, full-time work commitments etc.

In the background we have been finalising small tweaks to our gin recipes with some micro batches and experiments. Did you know that JAM Distilling is making our own base neutral spirit for our gin? Whilst some distilleries order this in, we are making our own – from scratch – from SA barley. This means we will have complete control over our final product flavour profile, but also means we have given ourselves loads of extra work to do (which is fun 😀).

We’re going ALL IN on our first release. It is truly going to be special. The last thing on earth we wanted to do for our first gin was to release something average. So we’ve been making sure everything is of the highest quality and purity. No corner cutting to save costs, and no sacrificing on the flavour we want to deliver. And we want to deliver a gin that encompasses everything we are passionate about.

So, here we go, the last pieces of the puzzle are coming together in the next few weeks. We trust you will love our Signature Gin.

Artfully designed by the ‘JAM Wives’ and brought to life by the JAM distillers


Ready, Set, Wait…

Amidst all the air of excitement and expectation on starting our distilling craft spirits dream, there’s one glaringly obvious thing in the way, a giant mountain of work to do…

“But this is all part of the fun!” we say to ourselves as we pour another glass of research gin & tonic and stare at the giant mountain of work which is actually hundreds of tiny little important mountains. An experience that every small business start-up has been through for sure.

But what’s this blog post all about exactly?
…We’ve had a delay… A small one.

As we await for critical still components to be shipped from the US we’re afforded a breather and a chance to review our plans. Business admin tasks aside, every day we’re staring at spreadsheets, listening to podcasts and scribbling down ideas before the next JAM meeting. We’re building our gin recipe ideas and madly piecing together our first release gin plans.

A first release that captures the spirit of our JAM signature is immensely important to us. It will need to be special and brilliant. And we’re pleased to say we think we’re gonna nail it. Through the perfect blend of ‘uh ha’ moments, accidental brilliance and late night table chats we’ve managed to set-up our first gin profile target, and our first small mark on the craft spirits universe is not far away. So keep an eye on your January 2022 calendar 😉

Let’s not forget the whisky vision, don’t worry, there is still plenty of research drams being poured and cask selection discussions going on. We’ve been getting some huge help in the South Australian barley scene and how we can bring ‘the free state’ character into our spirits. We’ve now just got loads of choices to make as we climb the mountain.

The freedom of creativity and decision making pressure is intoxicating.

Cheers 🥃
– JAM Crew.

Enjoy JAM craft spirits in good times with good people

Introducing JAM Distilling

A realisation of years and years of chatting around dinner tables, bars, campfires and phone calls. Welcome to the world JAM Distilling.

We officially established JAM distilling, errr, ummmm, years ago? Recently? Today? We’re not exactly sure when it officially “started” but we can say, it’s here now and it has been an amazing journey up to this point.

What is JAM Distilling?

Well it isn’t the distillation of crushed fruit that has been cooked with sugar until soft and the water evaporated until it thickens to a spreadable consistency and preserved in jars for the winter. That would be jam distilling, we’re talking about JAM Distilling.

More than anything, JAM Distilling is a result of long term friendship between 2 special families: Johnson And Mellors.

A long term friendship between a FIFO worker and an Australian Navy sailor and their wives (and kids) have seen incredible career travel all around Australia and overseas. When the stars have aligned and the JAMily has found themselves all in one place at the same time there has consistently been one conversation that always comes up “we should start a distillery…”

At the heart of JAM Distilling is the idea to create premium craft spirits that captures the energy of connection and good times with family and friends, especially the moments of re-connecting after time spent away.

We aim to produce small-batch craft spirits that will proudly sit in the “share cupboard” in homes, just waiting to be brought out for a special occasion and be shared with good company.

It’s an exciting time at JAM HQ right now, we’ve just had our liquor licence approved and the dream is becoming a reality as we fine tune recipes and get ready for the first batch.

Over the coming weeks we’ll introduce all the members of this special JAMily. The Distilling boys, the JAM wives and the JAM kids.

Signing off
– JAM Crew