Ready, Set, Wait…

Amidst all the air of excitement and expectation on starting our distilling craft spirits dream, there’s one glaringly obvious thing in the way, a giant mountain of work to do…

“But this is all part of the fun!” we say to ourselves as we pour another glass of research gin & tonic and stare at the giant mountain of work which is actually hundreds of tiny little important mountains. An experience that every small business start-up has been through for sure.

But what’s this blog post all about exactly?
…We’ve had a delay… A small one.

As we await for critical still components to be shipped from the US we’re afforded a breather and a chance to review our plans. Business admin tasks aside, every day we’re staring at spreadsheets, listening to podcasts and scribbling down ideas before the next JAM meeting. We’re building our gin recipe ideas and madly piecing together our first release gin plans.

A first release that captures the spirit of our JAM signature is immensely important to us. It will need to be special and brilliant. And we’re pleased to say we think we’re gonna nail it. Through the perfect blend of ‘uh ha’ moments, accidental brilliance and late night table chats we’ve managed to set-up our first gin profile target, and our first small mark on the craft spirits universe is not far away. So keep an eye on your January 2022 calendar 😉

Let’s not forget the whisky vision, don’t worry, there is still plenty of research drams being poured and cask selection discussions going on. We’ve been getting some huge help in the South Australian barley scene and how we can bring ‘the free state’ character into our spirits. We’ve now just got loads of choices to make as we climb the mountain.

The freedom of creativity and decision making pressure is intoxicating.

Cheers 🥃
– JAM Crew.

Enjoy JAM craft spirits in good times with good people

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