Introducing: Distiller Tim

From Navy sailor, to JAM Distilling Co-Founder & Co-Head Distiller.

Maybe it’s a Navy thing? But there’s some real magic in those moments when you re-connect with family and friends after spending a long time away. To get out a special bottle of whisky, wine, gin or some beers that you have been saving, pour some glasses, and spend some time catching up and sharing stories. For the average sailor, you’ll immediately pickup where you last left off with the conversation, and carry it on with as much gusto as the last time you were together. You’re enjoying more than just a drink together, its a deeper smile on your face and a real connection.

“Imagine if I could bottle this feeling?” I think to myself as I throw a few words into a google search: “how is whisky made”…

Ahoy JAM followers, allow me to introduce myself!
I am a proud South Australian, beer homebrewer, BBQ aficionado, sports enthusiast, and all round good guy. Joining the Navy straight out of High School when I was 17, I got to do all the usual Navy things: travel the world, move all around the country, countless deployments, and dream of starting a distillery.

I was always drawn into the world of flavour with beer and spirits. Wondering how certain flavours were achieved or influence each other. For years I’ve been experimenting with homebrewing different beer styles to entertain friends and neighbours (mostly with great results… not always). But, without fail, I have the patience to wait for a specific result, and the patience to fail in order to get better next time. I even grow my own hops at home to learn more about the flavours they can produce and affect beer styles.

You can probably see how all this lead to starting a distillery… That google search all those years ago seeking to know how whisky is made, eventuated in the purchase of the reliable Coopers homebrew starter kit (plug for South Australia) to get started making some beer. It wouldn’t be long before the homebrew equipment would get more serious and would eventually turn into all sorts of gin and whisky experiments – credit to JAM Co-Founder Ben and his relentless positivity.

When I get to catchup with a few particular mates and family, there are certain bottles that we simply must have. They have stories connected to them now, stories about Navy adventures and deployments, conquering tough-times together, workplace escapades, spontaneous holidays and camping trips, or simply periods of life. But in those moments of clinking glasses, we are holding a special kind of energy in our hands.
There’s real magic in those moments…

I am sure JAM Distilling will produce amazing special occasion spirits that will proudly be brought out and shared in those special moments and catchup gatherings with the greatest of company. And be a part of making something new.
It’s what we’re all about.


Co-Founder/Co-Head-Distiller Tim
Strengths: Storytelling, humour & patience.

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