JAM Signature Gin Release 001

‘Excited’ doesn’t come close to describing how pumped we are to announce our first release! We are beyond happy to be able to (finally) let our Signature Gin out into the world and make our entry in to the Spirits Industry.
⭐Years of dreaming about our distilling vision.
⭐Months of organising equipment and licences.
⭐Dozens of recipe tests and variations.
⭐Countless hours of work.

It’s our Signature Gin, because it encompasses everything we love in a gin. It’s been made the way that we wanted to make it: Grain to Glass.
We have used local South Australian 2-row barley to create our own base spirit to launch our citrus-forward botanicals profile, all prepared by hand. Our gin is deliberately non-chill filtered, meaning we preserve all the exciting botanical oils in the spirit, but it may turn a little cloudy when adding mixers or ice.
This small batch makes a big impression, and we’ve poured our hearts into making it.

“Small batch – Big heart”

JAM Distilling, Signature Gin

Expect brilliant bursts of citrus, complex earthy spicy notes, and a hint of floral that will mix nicely with soda water or a quality tonic.

Get your bottle here 👇

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