Introducing: Distiller Ben

Hmm… How would I introduce myself?
My name is Ben (easy – check one ✅)

What do I do for a living?

I fix things!

It would be easy to say I am a fly-in-fly-out diesel mechanic who answers frequently to “Copy Fitter” and swings spanners and hammers to keep the fleet moving, but that’s not all I mean by it.
I love to know how things work. Why they work, and how I can make it better. Which is why when my, all round good guy, mate Tim invited me to join him in unmasking the cogs behind the creation of the infinite possibilities of distillate creation, flavour bindings that promote treasured moments, long lasting memories and those times where you turn to a mate and your eyes are just screaming “this is good!”

All I could say was “I’m in”.

I’ve always felt instinctively driven to provide. Whether it be for my daughters to help them grow up strong and confident. Or my wife when she needs a hit of my positive optimism. A friend who needs a helping hand. Or a jumbo that needs a carrier hose on a hot, muddy decline (sorry for all the mining terminology). My point is, it’s in my nature to give the world my best, and with the team here at JAM Distilling, I think I’ll get to.

Quality, not quantity.

Despite already being a nano distillery, Here at JAM Distilling we’ve taken a very strong handed approach towards delivering something that we’re absolutely proud of. We’ll never sacrifice on flavour to increase our output. What you can expect with every dram is pure quality made from hours of what I like to refer to as “helicopter parenting”. Every drop from our still is monitored throughout our process which guarantees were getting the best out of our spirit. It’s a labour of love that you too will soon get to discover.

So it’s been great to meet you, again my name is Ben, hit me up if you have any questions. And welcome to the JAMily

Distiller Ben (Whisky Mechanic)

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