JAM Signature Gin Release 002

Rose buds are red,

Juniper berries are blue,

You better get in quick,

for batch release two!

With an overwhelming response to batch 001. The team at JAM HQ are proud to announce our Signature Gin Batch 002 is officially ready for launch.
Haven’t tried it yet? Now’s your chance, but be warned, this small batch won’t last long…

We were so incredibly blown-away from the amazing feedback we received from batch 001 – thank you all! We love bringing this gin to life, and the story it can tell. So we decided to change absolutely nothing to our recipe leading into batch 002.

Our Signature Gin is a true grain to glass small-batch craft spirit. Made from South Australian barley, and market-foraged botanicals from around the local markets and fruit sellers. This batch even features some locally grown citrus we received for batch 002 from a local’s backyard tree. All prepared by hand.

Expect brilliant bursts of citrus, complex earthy spicy notes, and a hint of floral that will mix nicely with soda water or a quality tonic. Best enjoyed with good company.

⭐ 700mls, 43%Alc/Vol

Get yours now 👇

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